Corporate logo - Extended Version

The extended version of the main FINA corporate logo has a long-form of the abbreviation on the right side, and is separated by the vertical line.

Use on backgrounds is the same as for the main FINA logo (1.7)

This logo can be used for special occasions (i.e backdrops, entry door - everywhere where full name Fédération Internationale de Natation is desired).


Logo variations

The logo has two variations - horizontal and vertical. Depending on the needs it can be used with or without the tag line “Water Is Our World”.
The vertical version exists only withoug the tag line.

1.2 FINA full logo with tag line

1.2 FINA full vertical logo without tag line


1.3 FINA full logo wihtout tag line


The long-form text is added on the right of the main FINA logo version together with a separator line.
The font used is Lato Regular in uppercase.

1.1 FINA full logo with tag line

Safe area

The safe area is used to prevent from placing other elements near the logo that may distort the perception of the sigh.
The module used to determine the safe area around logo is the letter “F”

Archromatic versions

Achromatic versions (black and white), differ slighty from the main logo due to usage of only one colour. Therefore the stars in order to be visible, need to have a border and be empty of color inside the lines. Horizontal version can also exist without the tag line, all the rules for safe space and another apply ecually to the achromatic version.

B/W version can be used only when printing only in B/W.

1.1 FINA logo in black                                                           1.2 FINA logo in white


Minimum sizes

The minimum size shows the smallest allowed usage of the logo. This is to prevent the logo or part of it from being ilegible.

There are two main rules for the minimum size:
- The minimum size for the FINA logo with the tag line (where the tag line is the indicator, as it’s smaller than the long-form).
- The minimum size for the fina logo without the tag line (where the tag line is the indicator, as it’s smaller than the long-form).

Minimum size with “Water Is Our World” included.
Below this size, use version without the tag line.                          The minimum size for vertical FINA logo.


The minimum size for the vertical version.