Corporate logos - Simple version

The FINA simple logo version is used mainly on backdrops and other places where the viewing distance is big, and the space doesn’t allow to maintain the FINA corporate logo to be legible.


The construction is a simplified version of the main corporate logo, and consists only of the FINA name and the tag line.

Safe area

The safe area is used to prevent from placing other elements near the logo that may distort the perception of the sigh.
Due to the nature of the usage of this logo version, the module used to determine the safe area around logo is smaller than usual, in order to keep the maximum size ratio in the smallest safe area possible.


Achromatic versions

The B/W version can be used only when printing only with B/W.

Minimum size

Minimum size shows the smallest allowed usage of the logo. This is to prevent from logo or part of it from being illegible.
In the simplified version, the tag line defines legibility.