Selected FINA Events

Main logo

These selected FINA Event's logos represent the 6 disciplines of FINA:
- Swimming
- Diving
- Synchronised Swimming
- Water Polo
- Open Water Swimming
- High Diving

Each logo has it’s own unique icon and colour.

Also refers to:

FINA Water Polo World League
FINA Water Polo World League Super Final Men
FINA Water Polo World League Super Final Women

General construction rules

These logos generally consist of their Icon - one unique for every discipline (6 in total), FINA logotype and the competition type/name.

Space is forseen for the inclusion of “Event City/Year”, which is placed as a horizontal bar below the main sign. It is also possible to include a logo of the city within this aera.

These logos exist only in a horizontal version.

1.1 Construction elements                                                                     1.2 logo + event city/year


Safe area

Achromatic versions

If needed, black/white versions can be used, but unique competition colour should be used most of the times,  so the B/W can be used only when neccessary (e.g. when printing only with B/W).

1.1 Black version                                                              1.2 White version

Background colour variations

For all Selected FINA Events logos general background colour usage rules are:- Respect the universal knowledge about colour theory and rules (e.g. colour matching)
- Place logos on backgrounds in a way that doesn’t affect the legibility,
- Try keeping the FINA logotype and event name in white on coloured  backgrounds,
- Use black font version on white/very light backgrounds


The icons have their unique colours.

Minimum sizes

Minimum size shows the smallest allowed usage of the logo.  This is to prevent the logo or part of it from being illegible.

1. In the generic version the minimum size is defined by the Competition Type/Name.
2. In the version with the city name and year, the minimum size is defined by the smaller font which is event city/year.

Sponsor/Partner logo integration

For sponsor integration with the “Selected FINA Event’s” logo type use the presented construction.
This logo can exist only in vertical version.

Event option

For other FINA events the icons change to mark a distinction amongst all FINA events.

The icon is never transparent inside.
Most of the time it’s white, except for the Black version where outline is white and the inside is black.
All other rules are the same as for the normal versions of the Selected FINA Event’s logos.

Also refers to:

FINA Diving Grand Prix
FINA Open Water Swimming Grand Prix