Logo evolution

Since the early stages FINA mark has been associated to universality. The globe has remained the common element under which FINA worldwide presence was highlighted.

In the very first edition “founded in 1908” was included and throughout the years FINA logo evolved naturally, until 2008 where for 100 years anniversary a special logo was created. This celebrated a special occasion for FINA and its affiliated members while at the same time it commemorated the rich history of FINA.

On this occasion and for the first time, a tag line was included (Water is Our World) reinforcing FINA’s mission and core activities.

Nowadays, FINA mark has been kept in a reader-friendly font to make it instantly recognisable and emphasis has been given to Fédération Internationale de Natation in order to put the FINA mark into a prominent position.

The six golden stars are a symbol of the 6 aquatic disciplines governed by FINA (last star mark the introduction of High Diving since 2013) and at the same time, stars celebrate true Stars of aquatics.